Becoming Revival...

Formed in October 2014, Revival are already making an impact on the live music circuit and have been noticed by studio producer Mark Wallis. Mark, who has recorded classic cuts for bands like REM, The Smiths, U2 and for the late, great Marvin Gaye, has confirmed his interest in mentoring and producing the band from 2017.

Mark’s planning to travel to their home town of Blackwood, Gwent, to meet the teenagers and hear them perform some time this year (2016).

"I'm interested in the standard of their writing, the characters and what I have heard in their demos and I think it will be an interesting project for the future", he comments.

“The band are very different", says Revival’s manager Adrian Brocklesby who has previously mentored artists including a performer nominated for a 2015 MOBO award.

“If you consider the ages of the band members, their talent is incredible and we are looking to produce them and get them to the standard that we need before presenting them to labels,” he added.

The band regularly performs at The Patriot Motorcycle Club in Crumlin, South Wales. It has become something of a centre of excellence for music that gives young bands a place to express their talent. And they’ve certainly been gaining a reputation at the venue’s open mic nights - so much so that they’re already booked to play at venues across the UK over the coming year.