Meet the Band...


"I'm the front man and songwriter for Revival and along with Luke and Dafydd, am one of the original members of the band. I was born on July 1st,1999, in Wales and grew up in a small village called Oakdale. My passion for music came from my father's influence and his love for rock/metal music. Growing up listening to classic rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Bad Company later turned into my love for heavy metal bands such as Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath. Even as a small child, I was singing all these songs and began taking a interest in singing. I was always too afraid to sing in front of an audience, so I would never sing alone.

One day during school time, a member of a local choir came into our assembly and began asking people if they would like to join his choir... Being as I hated singing alone, I thought this would be a perfect chance to learn how to sing professionally, so I grasped the opportunity. Of course, what I didn't know is choirs tend to sing religious songs and I wanted to sing songs like "Enter Sandman" so I dropped out. 

I gained an interest in playing the drums and so began having lessons, my ability to understand rhythm meant I picked it up easily, same as the guitar that I briefly picked up, but had more interest in drumming. I reached grade 4 before losing interest because I was always at the back of a stage.

Coming towards teenage years, I joined a theatre arts group called "Nidus". I had a passion for acting/entertaining, but because it was a theatre group I had to learn to sing (again) and dance which I hated. The group asked me to join their choir complimenting my voice; eventually, after constantly declining, I ended up joining and achieved many things with them. I did a Christmas track with the famous Welsh bass vocalist Bryn Terfel and entered many competitions, so my confidence is constantly increasing.

By the time I turned 14, after a few years of not seeing Luke, we met up and began talking about starting a band. I had picked up a guitar recently and wrote a few of my own tracks, so we decided I would be the lead vocalist, although I had not yet mastered singing with my voice rather than my diaphragm and Luke would play drums and guitar. Singing for the first time in front of an audience was horrible to me, but later my love for being in the front and having all the attention grew on me.... Now I love every second of it!!" - Finley Nash

"I'm the bassist for Revival, I'm 18 and live in Newport. I've always loved rock and metal music since a very young age, which has had a huge influence on my life in general. 

I started playing bass in 2014 after being inspired by the bassist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Most of what I know about the instrument was self taught, through online videos and tutorials. 

My style of playing is largely influenced by bassists such as Flea, Scott Reeder and many others. Music has always been a very important part of my life and I enjoy nothing more than playing or attending live music events.

I'd struggle to name bands as my "favourite", but some bands that have always had a special place in my heart include Slipknot, System of a Down, RHCP, RATM. There are countless others I have an undying love for.

When Finley, a good friend of mine from college, asked me to be a part of Revival, I was immediately interested and after a practice session with the band, I  knew this would be a great opportunity." - Alex Payne 

"I am the drummer/backing vocalist for Revival.

I'm heavily influenced by early heavy metal and 90s-to-early-00s metal. My drumming icons include Bill Ward, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison and John Bonham. 

I first became involved with rock and metal music when I was around 13 years old when I discovered alternative bands like Rage Against The Machine. From there I traced back and discovered legendary bands from AC/DC to Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin and so on... I chose the drum kit as my preferred instrument when I began my exam years in Oakdale Comprehensive School with our guitarist, Luke.

I started learning to play the drums pretty late, but I became eager to learn the tricks and skills of the greatest drummers to grace rock and heavy metal (as well as selected jazz drummers). To this day, people compliment me on my fast progress as a drummer, although i feel there is always room for me to improve.

When I study rudiments, time signatures, grooves, fluidity, speed, linear techniques, there is only one drummer for me to study - Neil Peart of RUSH! It is difficult for a metal band to breakout into the music scene, even harder for a UK-based band! But I believe that all members of Revival, including myself, are determined to carry on making music and performing to listeners who enjoy our style." - Dafydd Fuller

"I was born on the 17th of January in 2000 and grew up in the small village of Oakdale in South Wales. 

From a young age I was introduced to heavy metal music by my father, Sion, our dedicated crew and chef. 

I became obsessed with Iron Maiden, listening to them 24/7 and was inspired with the life goal of touring just like them after seeing them perform live for the first time at the age of 8 at Twickenham. 

It was at this age that I began learning the guitar with my father's help and influence. I aspire to be as great as guitarists like Hendrix, Page, Eric Johnson and Zakk Wylde. 

The following Christmas, I received a huge surprise awaiting me in what is known as 'The Shed' (a place I could go to jam and practice). From my father and a close family friend, Paul Bray. a red six-piece Mapex drum kit with Paiste cymbals awaited me, which the band still uses for practice and performances today! 

It was during this time that I began my drum study by jamming with my brother whilst casually playing guitar covers on the side. A few years later, I began attending a local Jam Night to improve my improv skills, here I met Dean Meyrick - a drum master - who became my drum teacher. From him, I gained all the skills I have today and consistently grew in confidence with each lesson.

2014, the year Revival was born
At the beginning of this year, I began really taking my guitar playing seriously as I felt my drumming ability could no longer be improved (silly me!). I became very good at cover songs and knew many techniques. At this time, I was using a Mexican Fender Stratocaster and a Jackson Dinky which was given to me by Paul Bray. 

Starting a band was all I could think about and so, I involved my long-time friend Dafydd Fuller and assisted him in learning to play the drums. Later on in the year, I met up with Finley Nash and brought up the idea of really having a go at starting our own band with Dafydd. 

And it all went from there...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my father, Sion Williams and close family friend, Paul Bray for all their help and support in making me the musician I am today. They had a major impact and influence on my goals and ability and I would not have progressed as far as I have without them." - Luke A. Williams